Seminal vesiculitis
Application for Treatment
Seminal vesiculitis

Seminal vesiculitis  - an inflammation of the seminal vesicles.
Seminal vesicles - an important organ of male reproductive system that secretes fructose, which is a source of energy for the sperm, and participate in the process of ejaculation during sexual intercourse.Inflammation in the seminal vesicles always develops as a complication of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system men (orchitis, urethritis, prostatitis).
Vesiculitis - an infectious disease. Microbe gets into the seminal vesicles with blood when bacteremia (by hematogenous angina, pneumonia, influenza), with shock lymph (lymphatic path) and through the spermatic cord (bottom path). Progression of the disease can cause any microbe. Most often it is the gonococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli and other microorganisms that cause infections of the genitourinary system. Once in the seminal vesicle, the bacteria begin to multiply and to provoke the development of mucosal inflammation.
Aggravating factors for the developmentvesiculitis are:
• Hypothermia.
• Condition of nonspecific immunosuppression.
• Prolonged sitting in the same position.
• Sexual abstinence.
• indiscriminate sexual activity, often in unscrupulous men.
• Malnutrition and prolonged constipation in patients with pathology of the intestine.
There are two forms of the disease: acute and chronic vesicles.
Acute vesiculitis develops suddenly with fever, the appearance of dull pain in the pelvic cavity (groin, pelvis, anus), increasing during urination and defecation. Can rise high temperature, chills observed. Appears fatigue, headache worried. There may be frequent urination, nocturnal erections, sperm selection of blood (gemospermiya). This process usually takes place on the background of chronic prostatitis, and can be taken for the aggravation of the latter. This inflammation is called prostate vesicles. In the transition of inflammation of the surrounding tissue develops paravesiculitis.
Chronic vesiculitis is a complication of acute poor treatment process, but it is possible and primary chronic course.
Disease is manifested by pain in the perineum aching pulling character, sexual dysfunction, change in the biochemical composition of semen, frequent urination. Possible irradiation of the pain in the lumbar region.Observed painful erections and decreased strength of orgasm until it disappears completely. Often express and painful ejaculation. Chronic treatment of vesicles has a long, after which comes a remission.
In some patients, the disease is almost asymptomatic. And vesiculitis signs in this case are only detected in the survey.
Complications vesiculitis
Acute vesiculitis from the inadequate treatment or no treatment is complicated, as a rule, suppuration (empyema) seminal vesicles.
In chronic vesiculitis inflammation can spread to the epididymis and cause chronic epididymitis. Chronic epididymitis causes reversible obstructive form of male infertility.
Diagnosis vesiculitis
In the survey plan for suspected vesicles must perform ultrasound diagnostics, rectal examination, common urine and blood samples, bacteriological examination of secretions vesicles semen.
If the diagnosis of acute vesiculitis confirmed, treatment is initiated with a number of antimicrobial prescribing.Antibiotics for vesiculitis selected based on many characteristics: bactericidal drug efficacy in the pathology of the sexual sphere, adequate drug prices. Drugs of choice for this disease will be a number of drugs ftorhonolonovogo and macrolides. At high temperatures assigned bed rest.
In addition, prescribed painkillers, having also anti-inflammatory action. In order to reduce the pain associated with defecation appointed laxatives for stool normalization. After normalization temperatures begin physiotherapy decision.
Appointed hot tub and microclysters warmers on the perineum, as well as massage of the seminal vesicles.
In cases festering need surgery, in which vesicles punctured, remove pus, and inserted into the cavity of the drainage tube. In some cases, autopsy shows abscess or excision of seminal vesicle (vesiculectomy).
In the treatment of chronic forms vesiculitis used antibacterials and physiotherapy. When ineffective treatment performed oral lavage vesicles during their puncture, massage seminal vesicles through the rectum, and mud applications.

Of drugs used to treat vesiculitis can be administered in tablet form and as an intramuscular injection. Rectal suppositories at vesiculitis not often used. Although candles are sometimes a good therapeutic effect.
For prevention vesiculitis must cure all genitourinary diseases, especially - is chronic prostatitis. In addition, you should avoid exposure to cold, keep a constant partner regular sex life; if office work mainly sedentary, then be sure to take a break for a little workout.
Sometimes there is a total purulent process - empyema seminal vesicles, when the tissues of the seminal vesicles completely melted liquid pus. In this situation, surgery is performed-puncture of the seminal vesicles, pus is removed, the cavity of the vesicle introduced a drainage tube. If acute vesicles treated inadequately, it can become chronic.
If you do not treat the disease, the body temperature rises to 38-39 degrees Celsius. Pain and all the other manifestations of the pathological process increases sharply. Suppuration may develop vesicles, or inflammation of the seminal vesicles move to the epididymis, and this process is reversible, and cause bilateral chronic epididymitis, the consequence of which is infertility.
People treatment vesiculitis
Vegetable juice and candles with propolis prepared as follows juice from fresh cucumbers, carrots and beets mixed in equal quantities. Take half a cup half an hour before meals 4 times a day at the same time to enter deeply into the rectum candles with propolis 1 time a day at night.

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