Dixion Healthcare - is one of the activities of Dixion GmbH in cooperation with Stormoff NRW GmbH.

More than 20 years, our company has equipped health facilities, built hospitals and manufactured medical electronics. We treat people in our own health centre.

In 2012 we implemented a project to help foreign patients to acquire medical treatment in Germany.

The main thing that concerns every person, when he or she goes abroad to receive medical care - is the value of services, translation and responsibility for the results of the clinics and specialists.
We can answer all your questions and to guarantee support, to pick a medical institution that fits best to your medical record, choose the approach to treatment and medical specialist.



1. Why a patient chooses treatment abroad, when many top professionals and medical institutions in my country are equipped with advanced equipment?

- For sure, there are first-class professionals in other counties as well as modern equipment, but experience has shown - that to get the right treatment, you need to know where and whom to contact. You can find the hospital and the doctor by yourself, but you also have to negotiate with the nurses, pharmacy and cuisine in this establishment. The process - it is not only about the medical specialist, but also the system of assistance and control, procurement of supplies and medicaments, it is a hard treatment protocol as well as timely and accurate monitoring of its implementation.

2. Why Germany?

- Better training, wide range of services, a large number of patients, the flow - is bigger.
- Patients could find specialists in Switzerland and Israel. The difference would be that we guarantee the quality of medical care as well as that of all services afore mentioned for a fair price. Everything is about the recovery of the patient.

3. Why the firm Dixion?
We are working with various medical centers, involved in testing technology and its repair, we provide service and ensure proper functioning of the institutions. For 20 years, we have communicated regularly with the leading manufacturers of medical equipment in all over Europe. We are aware of the most advanced developments in this field. Our experts constantly attend scientific events, with participants from all over the world.
We are familiar with Germany, China, the U.S. and Argentina. We built a hospital in Ethiopia and equipped hospitals in South Africa and Mexico.
We know the renowned narrow specialists of world level. We know about their daily hard work.
We like to do this and we want to help you!
We can help you find a clinic of the profile you need, choose a specialist, make an arrangement in the shortest terms, provide the documents, determine the cost of services and accompany you.
We are able to assess the advisability of appointing any research and procedure, and to exercise control over the reliability of prices, thus preventing the inefficient use of your money.

We love our work.

We care about people's opinions and we like to make people happy!

Dixion Healthcare

Leo Taytsel

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