Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in Germany
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Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in Germany

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common inflammatory rheumatic diseases . The disease can strike at any age , including children . According to statistics , women have this disease occurs three times more often than men .
Rheumatoid arthritis - a chronic ( ongoing for more than 6 weeks), inflammation of the joints , often simultaneously affecting both sides of the body.Another name for this disease - arthritis .
If untreated during the inflammatory process gradually eroded joints, as well as significantly limited their mobility. Almost half of patients with this diagnosis also affects other organs such as the cardiovascular system , lungs, kidneys , liver, gastrointestinal tract , nervous system .
The characteristic symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include:
30 мин.) ">• Morning stiffness of the joints of the fingers and hands (> 30 min. )
• Swelling
• pain with pressure on the joints
• Not a fist
Timely diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis is the main condition for its successful treatment.
Specialized clinics and rheumatology centers in Germany offer a full range of necessary diagnostic procedures to detect this disease. These include physical examination , laboratory tests (including rheumatoid factor ) and imaging examinations ( X-ray, ultrasound, MRI).
In German hospitals may also provide early diagnosis of arthritis.
For the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis often used the following methods:
• Assign the appropriate drug therapy for slowing down and stopping inflammation ( anti-inflammatory drugs , analgesics, corticosteroids , immunosuppressive drugs )
• Physical therapy , occupational therapy , physiotherapy to maintain and preserve joint function and mobility
• Conduct operations in the absence of effect of conservative treatment. Depending on the individual situation of the patient, the doctor can be assigned to the following types of operations : endoprtezirovanie ( joint replacement ) , arthrodesis ( fusion of the amended joint) , arthroplasty , etc.
Results from clinical studies confirm the fact that the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis proper nutrition plays a key role in relation to the dynamics of the disease , as well as the success of its treatment. Therefore, in the combined therapy also held consultations on changes in eating patterns and lifestyles. Patient receives detailed recommendations regarding special diet designed to maintain the acid- alkaline balance and helps to reduce pain .
Thanks to modern schemes of treatment of rheumatoid arthritis , used in German clinics, and individual approach to each patient , in many cases possible to achieve remission provided timely treatment to the doctor .

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