Vaccine against cancer
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Vaccine against cancer

Is there a vaccine against cancer?

Some have compared the search for a vaccine against cancer finding the philosopher's stone, someone truly believes that a cure against this terrible disease will be found, and in the meantime, thousands of scientists for decades are working to create a truly effective vaccine that can change the future of mankind , giving millions of lives.But whether it is a vaccine against tumors?

Looking for scientists looking for doctors ...

How much research and experiments carried out in the search of cancer drugs - it is impossible to count. While there was no clear regulation of the experimental treatment (up to the mid-20th century), often conductedexperiments on people who did not have fullinformation about the study and did not even give consent. Rules have changed, but the main thing remains -looking for a vaccine.

Until today, only medicine came to some more or less effective methods of treating cancer, but none of them gives an absolute guarantee of a successful outcome. Practiced such treatments:

• Chemotherapy.

• Surgery.

• Irradiation.

• Specific inhibitors.

• Hormone therapy.

• Immunotherapy.

• Biological Response Modifiers.

The search for a vaccine continues, as is an effective means has yet been found.

Therefore, experimental cancer treatments continue, but held only with the written consent of the volunteers.Currently, the following experimental treatments:

• Gene therapy.

• Focused high-intensity ultrasound.

• Cryoablation.

• Nanoterapiya.

• Laser.

• Local hyperthermia.

• Neyronozahvatnaya therapy.

• Vaccination against malignant cells.

More information about the vaccination

Delivers the best hope for cancer vaccine developed in Novosibirsk. Very similar to Israeli scientists have developed, but still second behind. On each worth discussing in detail.

Israeli scientists have created a vaccine that actually teaches the immune system to respond to a particular molecule, which is found in most cancer cells. That is, according to Sergei Zaitsev, CEO of "AvaksisBio" Israelivaccine only responds to one gene. At the same time in Novosibirsk company headed by Ph.D. Zaitsev, has developed a vaccine based on dendritic cells. It responds to several promising tumor markers, including gene,which is aimed at the Israeli vaccine.

In other words - the possibility of wider Russian vaccine that potentially increases the effectiveness of its actions.

However, there is one "but". Administered the vaccine to people Novosibirsk researchers have virtually no rights.It is completely ready to use, but there is no law about cell technologies, and if we begin to treat people by introducing this vaccine - will be violated existing legislation.

Novosibirsk vaccine production is quite expensive, but scientists continue to work on developing more budget options. This treatment is called the most promising, because the cancer can be completely cured only through the immune system (the other methods simply delay the development of the disease), and the vaccine works that way. In this case it is completely harmless to humans.

What's next?

Will massively introduced the vaccines? We hope that this will happen very soon. To treat a large number of people are ready, we can only wait and changes in legislation, where possible, develop cheaper optionsvaccine.

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