Мagnetic therapy
Application for Treatment
Мagnetic therapy

For therapeutic purposes, used cyclically-rotating, pulse, fixed, variable low-frequency magnetic fields that contribute to reliable and mild recovery from chronic diseases.
Magnetic therapy has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, hypotensive and restorative, anti-impact. Thanks to magnetic therapy may relieve a person from drug addiction, the body to improve circulation and accelerate healing.

Indications for magneto
• peripheral vascular disease and cardiovascular system, nervous system diseases (atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, etc.)
• Diseases of the genitourinary system, gynecological diseases.
• Diseases of the skin, joints and spine.
• Oncological diseases, immune stimulation, correction of immunodeficiency.
• Allergies.
• Inflammatory and chronic diseases.
• Diseases of the digestive system (peptic ulcers, gastritis, etc.)

• anticoagulation blood predisposition to bleeding.
• The active form of tuberculosis.
• Individual intolerance.
• Coronary heart disease complicated with the occurrence.

Rehabilitation in Germany and the Czech Republic with the help of magnetic therapy - an effective and reliable way to improve and strengthen your body without a medical abortion regimen.

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