How to overcome shyness
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How to overcome shyness

Shyness brings us a lot of trouble, significantly affects the circle. Meanwhile, there are many ways to get rid ofthis is not entirely pleasant feelings and to be independent and self-confident.

1. Stop paying attention to the views of others, replica and evaluation. Because you can not just respond to all the comments coming from the people around them. So do not take other people's critical assessment. Try tosee and understand all the nuances of what is happening, the pros and cons. Rid yourself of perfectionism (itconcerns most boys - especially their worldview is not possible to separate "black" from "white").

2. Get rid of the people that you are constantly monitored. Do not let anyone lead and not allow yourself to listen to the opinion of someone else. Especially those who have repeatedly spoken negatively about this or any otherof your actions. After all, such people can just hurt you.

3. Try to love yourself exactly so. If you have some trait or physiological feature, which so carefully hide from others, then think of the question, why this feature I want to hide from others. What if I will not hide it, but ratherreveal it to others? You realize that this is not so bad, and people do not react the way you think, or more likely,do not notice it.

4. Learn to see yourself objectively from the outside. Thus, you get rid of annoying and criticism, and constantly tormented soul from doubt. So soon and increase self-esteem. Neutral external position allows you to seeeverything that happens as a neutral, without acrimony. You will have a lot of positive emotions, self-confidence and love for the world! There attempt to make love the fact that you recently so disliked. You will not believe how much change your inner world.

5. Communicate more. And in the process of communication do not forget to develop self-communication skills, ability to listen and to speak, ask questions. Average also work on improving your vocabulary.

6. No need to create yourself an idol. So you will have no reason to compare yourself with someone.

7. Try to develop your personal tactics of behavior for different life situations, including unfamiliar to you.

8. Try to do only what is comfortable and enjoyable for you. If hiking in noisy nightclubs or restaurants are notfor you to go there and do not necessarily. Do not make an effort just to be like everyone else. Better to devotefree time to engage in, which is really like.

9. Record your progress. Overcoming the complex - a lot of work, during which it is necessary to see all their achievements. This will give strength not to dwell on the results achieved, and finally deal with shyness.

10. Every situation, try to learn a lesson. Even if the lesson of a negative character. Self-pity will not giveanything new, but will move from the intended path. Adoption of victory or defeat, in any case, give strength and experience. No lesson learned - standing still and the lack of progress.

These simple tips will help you overcome shyness and improve their psychological quality.

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