In Germany, February 2010 certified and has been used successfully in the treatment of tinnitus - noise and chronic tinnitus new method of treatment with the help of German scientists invented a special stimulator.

The new principle of non-invasive treatment (via acoustic signals ) is emitting pulses of target calculated using complex mathematical algorithms in order to disrupt abnormal neural network synchronism knock diseased brain nerve cells from a continuous rate . Under the old method of invasive signals emitted through implanted electrodes in the brain .

Neurostimulator creates four tones that are individually adjustable for each patient individually , depending on the frequency of its own tone - tinnitus. 2 frequency tones are above the patient 's own tone , frequency of 2 other colors are correspondingly lower. The patient listens to every day for a certain time by a similar MR player stimulator device tailor-made for him tones . In this patient's tinnitus is not muffled , and knocked out of rhythm.

After a certain number of sessions gradually restored normal operation of the brain that gets used again to healthy chaos in the emission signals.

Nerve cells do not start to make signals synchronously and randomly and tinnitus disappears.

Therapy allowed for a short time to get rid of tinnitus.

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