Methods of treatment of joints in Germany
Application for Treatment
Methods of treatment of joints in Germany

Conservative treatment of joints used in Germany in the case of minor or moderate pain.

Drug treatment of joints in Germany

Aimed at reducing the level of pain. Application of drugs involves a long course, so for foreign patients treated in Germany joints medication is an additional therapy to the main method of treatment.

Physical therapy for the treatment of joints in Germany

Physical therapy is an important component of a comprehensive treatment of joints ( arthrosis, arthritis ) in Germany. Physiotherapy can accelerate the metabolism in tissues, improve microcirculation, relieve stiffness and other symptoms associated with inflammatory processes in the joints.

Electrophoresis for the treatment of joints in Germany - is a painless way of doing drugs in the body tissue by applying an electric current.

Phonophoresis for treatment of joints in Germany - this procedure is very similar to the electrophoresis, but instead of electric current used ultrasound. Phonophoresis significantly improves cell metabolism and local microcirculation. The action itself is capable of ultrasound to remove edema, have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

UHF-therapy for the treatment of joints in Germany is also a kind of electrotherapy. The method was successfully used in German hospitals.

Shock wave therapy for the treatment of joints in Germany - a non-invasive method of treatment and rehabilitation of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including diseases of the joints ( arthritis, arthrosis ). Positive dynamics after therapy observed in 90% of patients. Impact on the therapy area occurs with the application of sound waves.

Laser therapy for the treatment of joints in Germany. The laser effect occurs at the damaged tissue caused by degenerative and dystrophic diseases of the joints. Activated tissue regeneration. Therapy can significantly reduce swelling, relieve pain, it has anti-inflammatory effect and a positive effect on the immune system.

Balneotherapy for treatment of joints in Germany.

Balneotherapy principle is the impact on the patient's mineral waters using various additives, including essential oils, mud, salt, algae and drugs.

Surgical treatment of joints in Germany

Operative methods of treatment of joints in Germany are used in case of failure of conservative treatment, as well as the impossibility of their applications.

Surgery with preservation of joint

Arthroscopy in Germany - a modern , gentle way possible surgery for diseases of the joints, most commonly used in Germany.

Transplantation of cartilage cells - a relatively new technology, which became successful in medicine as an effective method of surgical treatment of joints in Germany. For several years in leading clinics of Germany applies the technology of tissue engineering, Tissue Engineering, in order to eliminate the limited cartilage damage with stable margins. This is especially true for patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the initial stage.

Joint arthrodesis in Germany - kind of surgery, whose main aim is the creation of ankylosis, ie consolidation and stabilization of the joint in a state of immobility. This method of treatment of joints in Germany is used in cases when the joint is excessively deformed and unstable, as well as the presence of pain or infection ( sprains, arthrosis, arthritis ) or in cases where arthroplasty and total joint replacement is unacceptable for medical reasons.

Osteotomy joints in Germany. This method is to eliminate the deformation of the joint by forcing fracture or surgical incision, followed by fixation of bone in the desired position. The main purpose during osteotomy - recovery efficiency is, slowing degeneration processes in joints, reducing the load on the surface thereof.

Synovectomy - view of a surgical operation on the joint at which the excision of the synovium of the affected joint.

Joint replacement surgery in Germany

Joint arthroplasty in Germany - kind of surgery to restore joint function in which there is a partial replacement of the damaged joint with an implant. Arthroplasty is a very popular method of surgical treatment in Germany.

Total joint replacement in Germany - a method of high-tech, efficient surgery, in which the components of joint implants replaced with characteristic for healthy joint anatomical shape.

In Germany, sparing technique used exclusively cut muscle , whereby there is a rapid recovery. 99% of clinics in Germany are used in special operations and robotics navigation. With total in Germany primenenyat quality dentures American and Swiss manufacturers.

A very important step is the subsequent rehabilitation of patients after surgery provedenchogo. At clinics in Germany a rehabilitation center, where qualified doctors may choose an individual program of restoration of damaged joints. 

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