Trigeminal neuralgia
Application for Treatment
Trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is a painful chronic disease that is accompanied by bouts of intense shooting pain in the area of the trigeminal nerve. Women more susceptible to this disease than men, predominantly trigeminal neuralgia occurs in people over forty years.


• aneurysm in the cranial cavity.

• Compression of the nerve in its bony canal through the exit from the skull.

• tumors in the brain.

• Hypothermia face.

• Communicable chronic diseases of a chronic nature in the facial area (from decay and to chronic sinusitis).


• The main symptom of trigeminal neuralgia - intense, sharp pain. Most often it is unilateral (affecting both sides of theface is rare). Character shooting pain, these feelings often unbearable. Twinge on average lasts 10-20 seconds, in rare cases a twinge can last up to 2 minutes.

• If the treatment is not performed, the pain does not go away for a long time, and its direction and location are unchanged.

• During a painful episode may begin uncontrolled salivation and lacrimation.

• During the night of sleep the pain usually does not manifest itself.

• Sometimes you can see facial twitching or masticatory muscles.

What to do?

When observing signs of trigeminal neuralgia should immediately consult a doctor-neurologist, he should prescribe treatment Dentist in this situation can only carry out a survey of the mouth and remove all existing dental disease.Neurology in Germany today is at a high level of development, and German experts can in a short time to appoint the most effective treatment and save the patient not only pain, but also from the disease.

If not treated trigeminal nerve (or treated properly, efficiently enough), it can reduce the sensitivity of the face portionwhere localized neuralgia, and to the development of degenerative changes in the masticatory muscles.

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