Rehabilitation after stroke
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Rehabilitation after stroke

Rehabilitation largely helps all those patientswho have suffered a stroke. The main purpose of this course is to return the lost capacities and opportunities to care forthemselves. Because of this, people getting better quality of life. And, although we can not say that this rehabilitation can completely cure brain and rid it of the existing lesions, but the results will certainly be achieved.

What is rehabilitation after a stroke?

During the rehabilitation of patients who havesuffered a stroke, begin life again. They have to learn again all that they could to illness.Coordination of leg movements during walking, manipulation paralyzed arm, restoring speech abilities and many different possibilities. Furthermore, patients whoundergo rehabilitation in Germany and the Czech Republic, learn new techniques. They have to completely replace the lost opportunities of the body after suffering a stroke. For example, people learn to operate with only one hand, the one that has remained intact.The main rule is repeated leading restoration experts - is continuous, systematic repetition of the same action.Such perseverance leads eventually to the fact that all abilities can recover. These include the ability to play musical instruments, sports games, and more.

When should I start rehabilitation therapy?

As a rule, the time allotted for the start of classes - 24-48 hours after stroke. This period is an acute post-stabilization. The first thing worth to achieve in this case - to promote independent movements. Becausepatients often paralysis or paresis (partial paralysis). At this time, the patient needs often change positions.Workers rehabilitation centers regularly active and passive exercises. With this system, after some time the patient can himself out of bed and walk a little. After overcoming this stage move on to more complex, such asself-washing, use of toilet, dressing. During rehabilitation doctor prescribes massage, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, drugs designed to restore human motor activity.

In the post-stroke rehabilitation include the participation of doctors, nurses, doctors specialization therapists,speech, recreational and profterapii. Besides it is necessary participation of a psychologist.

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