The application of nanotechnology in medicine
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The application of nanotechnology in medicine

According to experts, medicine is the mostconservative area. It should be noted thatthroughout the world conducted extensive research aimed at creating new drugs andthe development of treatments for various diseases. However, between the processes of producing innovative pharmaceutical and its successful application takes at least several years. Throughout this time, thescientists tested the product developed, identifying its beneficial properties and side effects. With the lion's share of all inventionsdoes not reach the consumer, because they do not meet modern standards of safety and quality. Do not forget that the main rule, which adhere to thedoctors, says: "Do no harm!"

Most of the drugs being developed today based on nanotechnology. Specialists pharmacists work with incrediblysmall particles whose size is up to 100 nanomikron. That is, they are several times smaller than the nucleic acid molecule or protein. Thus nanoparticles are prepared from a variety of materials, for example, even of the sameprotein, carbon, gold or silver. In this case, it depends on the type of drug and pharmacological group.

So, from the material used depends on the technology of producing nanoparticles, which will have unique properties. In turn, they may become essential in the manufacture of a drug. For example, if the same yarnused in stitching postoperative incisions. Moreover, already developed some drugs that in the near future will be prescribed to patients who have found any tumor or serious infection. As we have noted, long periods of timespent on testing them, do without that does not work.
Nanoparticles are used today in the development of special sensory devices that can detect the appearance of a substance in the human body. Thus, it becomes possible to detect a disease at the earliest stages of its development, which is especially important in oncology, when every day plays a huge role in the life of the patient.

For example, it is known that Israeli scientists have created a device based on nanoparticles, which allows to identify lung cancer just by elementary patient exhalation. It records the contents of certain molecules, which allows us to determine with great accuracy, whether the person is sick or not. The answer can be obtained onlyin a minute, avoiding putting complex and rather unpleasant tests (eg, biopsy). Currently, Israeli scientists are developing a similar device, diagnosing kidney cancer.

There are many opinions that it would defeat the nanotechnology malignant (cancerous) tumors. Already,experts removed like education, using the methods of hyperthermia. As a result there occurs no surgicalintervention into the human body. It is known that each of the tumors arise as a result of continuous cell division, which occurs due to failure at the molecular level. However, their mechanisms are not fully known.

With regard to the method of hyperthermic tissue removal, it was developed relatively recently. For example, thetreatment is carried out progressively in Germany, Israel, the USA and other developed countries. Carbon nanotubes are simply entered in the tumor itself, and after penetrating in its cellular structure. Under the influence of continuous exposure temperature increases in the vicinity of the tumor, after which she dies. The probability that in the human body remain malignant cells that will continue to divide rather low. So we can safelysay that nanotechnology confidently take its rightful niche in medicine.
Innovation in recent years engaged in the American experts. They managed to get a special gel, which was established on the basis of biomaterials in combination with nanoparticles. This material is injected into the human brain, and restores the damaged cells. So patients unable to cope with the damage, resulting in serious injury or stroke. Of course, the newest drugs are used in the most critical situations, because they have not yet passed all the tests.

Of course, it is recognized that the prospects of nanotechnology much broader than those areas in which theyhave been applied. As mentioned above, the vast majority of diseases is the result of faults occurring at the molecular level. It seems that soon they will be successfully combated using modern drugs and innovation.

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