Lithotripsy in Germany
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Lithotripsy in Germany

Treatment of cholelithiasis in Germany conducted in several ways (depending on the evidence and the patient's condition), but one of the most effective and popular - it lithotripsy. This method is non-operational, but surgical treatment of urolithiasis, which is considered one of the most reliable, efficient and safe. Treatment in Germany urolithiasis is most often done by this method,because it really shows good results.

Urolithiasis. Sentence?

Stones in the urinary tract and kidneys occur more often because of metabolic disorders in the body. Malnutrition, unhealthyenvironment, sedentary lifestyle - all of which can lead to the formation of kidney stones and urinary tract. However, this is not a death sentence - a professional doctorate in Germany ready to tackle even the most complex health problems of their patients!

How does it work?

Lithotripsy - this automated destruction of stones in the ureter and kidney stones destruction of this method makes it possible todeprive patients of surgical complications and the severity of the surgery and on postoperative period. The method is based on the method of lithotripsy generate an electromagnetic pulse, which causes the destruction of stones.
Like the majority of medical procedures to have lithotripsy as indications and contraindications.

Indications for lithotripsy

• If there is no violation of the stone below the outflow of urine.
• If there is an opportunity to take stock of the shock wave exposure and focusing stone.
• If the stone is located in the urinary system does not exceed the size of 2.5 cm.

Contraindications for lithotripsy

• Pregnancy.
• Violation of blood clotting.
• Contraindications to anesthesia.
• Disturbances in heart rhythm.
• Deformation of the musculoskeletal system.
• A non-functioning kidney.
• Acute stage percolation chronic pyelonephritis.
• Some species of developmental abnormalities of the genitourinary system.
• The size of the stone exceeding 2.5 centimeters.
• Obstruction of the lower urinary tract stone.

Lithotripsy. Тypes

• Contact. In this method, the stone crushing is done by cystoscopy, special thin instruments. That they fail to stone destructiveimpulse. All operations of this type occur under general anesthesia.
• Remote. Stone destroyed using it outside the focus of the shock wave. For lithotripsy uses electro-hydraulic, piezoelectric, electro-magnetic litotriptory. The focus of the shock wave induced by x-ray or ultrasound, and most such operations are under general anesthesia.
• Lithotripsy percutaneous (percutaneous) - if this method is a puncture in the lumbar region, and through which you access thestone.

This operative endoscopic treatment performed under general anesthesia, and this method is much more invasive than the contactand lithotripsy. Thanks percutaneous lithotripsy possible to completely destroy and evacuate large stones, including staghorn.
All these methods lithotripsy performed at the highest level in German clinics - clinics, internationally recognized among the best.Highly qualified specialists with impressive experience and impressive academic degrees will absolutely true and timely supply youan accurate diagnosis and, if necessary, assign the desired type of lithotripsy.

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