Laser vision correction
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Laser vision correction

Laser vision correction - you need to know

Modern methods of vision correction are fairly traditional - is wearing glasses or contact lenses.Alternative to them is one of the most effectiveand innovative methods - laser vision correctionin Germany. Professional approach to this issuenecessarily involves an initial consultation with an experienced ophthalmologist and a thorough inspection of the patient, to identify it possible contraindications.

Indications and contraindications

Persons suffering from nearsightedness,farsightedness or astigmatism, laser vision correction is ideal. But children and teenagersunder 18 years old, it is not recommended, because it is during this period completed the formation of all organs, including the eye and vision "stabilized." People suffering from diabetes, endocrine disorders and othercommon diseases of the body, laser correctionalso not carried out.

Excluded such intervention and progressive myopia, retinal problems, inflammation in the eye (acute stage), glaucoma, cataract, infectious diseases. Laser vision correction is not made for pregnant women and during lactation because of hormonal changes.

Individual sensations of the patient during surgery

In most cases, during the operation, the patient feels no pain. Some felt the operated light stinging or burning, others have complained about the unpleasant peculiar smell (burnt hair), and the third was extremely unpleasant the feelingthat something is going on with the eye. The hardest thing to have to people who have an increased sensitivity, as theyexperience the most discomfort, degree of intensity which is an individual.

Features rehabilitation period

Rehabilitation period also passes all differently. When does the action of anesthesia start working lacrimal glands and eyesfilled with tears, there is a sharp pain. The strength of pain also depends on the characteristics of the organism and variesover a wide range - from quite tolerable to a portable hard (very rarely). Besides, all that one sees is blurred contours.Typically, these effects disappear within a day, a maximum of two.

For the first time a person experiences a "dry eye syndrome". Therefore, 10-day application of special drops are always included in the course remediation. Also be sure to wear sunglasses for 3 months. Contraindicated in this period and the swimming pool, baths or saunas.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Continuous improvement of laser correction will make it as simple as possible, painless and quite safe procedure. In the case where the operation was performed by a qualified technician, the result is stored for decades. People almost immediately begins to fully see, at times improving their quality of life. Moreover, this method becomes more affordable.Of course, even now eye surgery in Germany is quite expensive, but the result exceeds all expectations.

However, as with any other method, laser vision correction has its drawbacks, the main one - the inability to guarantee 100% positive result. On average, 7% of operations to correct complications end. Most of them are curable - thoughexpensive. Complete loss of vision as a result of the correction of 0.1%. Another negative - possible deterioration in the future. Unfortunately, even an experienced physician is unable to predict the decrease in visual acuity and thus avoid this trouble.

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