Epidural catheterization on Ratsu in Germany
Application for Treatment
Epidural catheterization on Ratsu in Germany

Epidural catheterization on Ratsu - another latest method to get rid of pain syndromes caused by diseases of the spine.

Its principle is to eliminate the irritation occurring on the nerve fibers by means of exposure to the drugs. Under X-ray control ( technique epidurografieya ) to the problematic section is fed through a catheter which introduced anti-inflammatory, and decongestant solutions absorbable drugs.

Most clinics provide services in Germany for the treatment of spinal epidural catheterization method for Ratsu. Introduced catheter has a flexible structure and is equipped with a microscopic probe that allows the most accurate recovery of the nerve roots. The procedure for its introduction into the channel space is done using local anesthesia. In diseases of the lumbar and thoracic catheter is inserted into the coccyx, while Abuse cervical vertebrae - in the upper spine.

The procedure takes less than 40 minutes. An hour later, the patient can get up out of bed and walk. For maximum results, the patient should be hospitalized for 3-4 days. During this time will be 5 such procedures. 

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