Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma
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Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma
Angioimmunoblastic lymphoma refers to a group of T-cell lymphomas. T cells - the mostformidable fighters immunity, since they destroy foreign bacteria and diseased cells own body. It's quite a rare disease: it is 2-3% of all lymphomasperson. This disease is characterized by the fact that may appear weak and strong state, similar to influenza (flu-like syndrome).

Angioimmunoblastic lymphoma can causecommon diseases, such as influenza or other acute viral infections. Other occurrence of the disease in general coincide with the othermanifestations of lymphoma: swollen lymph nodes in the neck groups, armpits, groin, and elsewhere, often increase the liver and spleen, appears in the pericardial fluid and okololegochnoy cavities. Patients usually complain of pain due totumor growth, which can occur anywhere in the body. The patient can be confusing and such signs of the disease, called "B symptoms": he has a fever, he is losing weight quickly and strongly in the evening and night sweats. As with other T celllymphomas, can be varied in a rash and skin seal. It is also possible autoimmune complications.


To make a correct diagnosis, certainly take a bit of a tumor or enlarged lymph node for morphological andimmunohistochemical study. Only such a complex, comprehensive analysis allows you to put the correct diagnosis andeffective treatment of conduct.

To accurately know whether enlarged lymph nodes and what is their number in those parts of the body that can not be seen by external examination, it is necessary to do a CT scan. Stage of the disease set by the system «Ann-Arbor», which reflects what organs and lymph nodes affected.

Treatment in Germany

Treat angioimmunoblastic lymphoma difficult. Successfully treated about 60% of cases. At the same time, doctors are constantly continue to improve treatment outcomes, using new methods and apply new drugs.


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