Treatment of uterine fibroids in Germany
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Treatment of uterine fibroids in Germany

German specialists are able to diagnoseuterine fibroids at an early stage, and to appoint an effective treatment in each case.Today, medicine in Germany is at such a high level that the cure uterine fibroidsdoctors Germany can in a few days, and it'skeeping the reproductive function of the uterus.

Methods of diagnosis of uterine fibroidsin Germany

• With the help of ultrasound units anddetermine their location. The effectiveness of ultrasound 93-95%.

• Uterine medium-sized and large physician can determine by palpation at gynecological examination. Afterinspection appointed additional methods of diagnosis.

• In the early stages of development of fibroids MRI reveals every mother microscopic layer nodes.

• To specify the exact location of the tumor, used gidrosonografiyu.

• To determine the nature of the tumor using hysteroscopy, which is often combined with diagnostic curettage.

• When it is not possible to determine the nature of the tumor invasive methods used diagnostic laparoscopy.

Treatment of uterine fibroids in Germany. Мethods

Нormone therapy

Prescribe anti-inflammatory, birth control pills, drugs and medications androgenosoderzhaschie progestin group.The goal of this therapy - change hormonal patients, which may slow the growth of tumors. This type of treatment is suitable for all women with interstitial and subserous myomas, uterine fibroids, for sizes less than 12 weeks of pregnancy. After hormone therapy is usually carried out the operation in this case, the post-operative recovery is facilitated.

Uterine artery embolization

To carry out this procedure is very expensive equipment, which is in abundance in German clinics. During the procedure, blood flow is blocked into the tumor, thereby myoma starts to decrease. In vessels formed thrombusforming uterine muscle cells die. In this case, the healthy tissue of the uterus does not suffer.

At first, the symptoms gradually decrease and then disappear completely. Abdominal incisions are not necessary, UAE - a minimally invasive procedure.


• Allergic reaction to the contrast agent.

• Vasculitis.

• acute stage of infectious diseases.

• Suspicion of oncology in the uterus.

• Poor blood clotting.

• decompensated diabetes.

• Inflammation of the pelvis.

Duration of treatment: 25 minutes.

The need to be in the hospital in 1 day.

Preservation of reproductive function: yes.

Full restoration of their traditional way of life: 10 days.

Disadvantages: relapse in 30% of cases, pain.

Нysteroscopic myomectomy

During the procedure, myoma node is removed through the vagina. Hysteroscopic myomectomy may be performed with a laser, mechanical or electrosurgical method. The risk of medical errors in hospitals in Germanyis reduced to zero due to the high qualifications of doctors.

To remove submucous fibroids hysteroscopic access - ideal for surgery. Optical instrument is inserted through the vagina and cervix, and special instruments through it itself is removed fibroids.


• Expressed adenomyosis.

• Too large uterine cavity (10 cm).

• General contraindications to surgery.

• Infectious processes in the lower and upper parts of the genitalia.

• Suspected oncology.

The need to stay in the hospital after the procedure up to 3 days.

Preservation of reproductive function: in half of the cases increases the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

Full restoration of their traditional way of life: up to 45 days.

Disadvantages: over the next 5 years in 51 percent of cases relapse.


An operation in which the uterus is removed. Practiced only when other ways to cure the patient is not possible.German specialists for hysterectomy - extremely rare in practice than the norm.

The need to stay in the hospital after the operation: up to 5 days.

The risk of complications: up to 50%.

Preservation of reproductive function: no.

Full recovery of up to 56 days.

Disadvantages: pregnancy is impossible, psychological stress.

FUS ablation of uterine fibroids in Germany

This method of German experts have introduced relatively recently - in 2004. A non-invasive method of treatment, an excellent alternative to surgery. Tumor fed intensity focused ultrasound, the procedure does not require anesthesia, pain not.

Duration of treatment: 3 to 6 hours.


• fibroids are reduced by 2 times.

• genital function is preserved.

• Non-invasive treatment.

• No need for a long rehabilitation period after the procedure under the supervision of a physician are usually no more than 2 hours.

• After this therapy is left scars.

• The technique is effective for large-sized fibroids and multiple myoma nodes.

• The likelihood of complications - less than 3%.

Large fibroids

Even if doctors diagnose fibroids are very large size, it's not a sentence. German specialists perform surgery to remove large fibroids and a large number of using mini-laparotomy with the reconstruction of the uterus. The possibility of a full sex life and preservation of reproductive function of the uterus is always there, and the German doctors are willing to take even the most complicated case!

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