First aid in case of hiccups
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First aid in case of hiccups

Hiccups - involuntary contraction of the diaphragm muscle, accompanied by a short gasp, this condition can occur suddenly in people of different ages, from infants to old age and cause many unpleasant feelings and experiences. First aid in case of hiccups - is the cause of its appearance in small children is often a sign of a hiccup hypothermia, lack of fluidor, conversely, overeating and improper posture after feeding.

First aid in case of hiccups in adults includes a few simple steps:

- Stand up straight, straighten your shoulders and sharply raise bent at the elbow to shoulder level - such a move helps"spread" and remove the diaphragm spasm;
- Hold your breath for as long as possible;
- Drink a glass of water in small sips;
- Put in your mouth or a piece of ice and sugar slowly dissolve it;
- Inflate a balloon or simply exhale with force.

All of these actions are aimed at reducing muscle spasm of the diaphragm, and mitigating the vagus nerve, often causinghiccups.

First aid in case of hiccups in young children - it is warm and calm your baby, give it a vertical position and try to drinkwarm milk or any other liquid.

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