New and promising treatments for diabetes
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New and promising treatments for diabetes

Endocrine Diabetes mellitus is a disease characterized by an increased content ofglucose in human blood, which usually is caused by deficiency of insulin, in developinggenetic or due to external factors. I should say that this disease can cause serious damage to the peripheral nerves and blood vessels, kidney damage, heart vessels,retina and brain.

According to medical statistics, more than 48percent of patients with diabetes die of cardiovascular complications. And every year the number of people in the world suffering from diabetes increases. According to medical statistics in our country more than 10 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide and this figure is 246 million people. According to projections, by 2016the number of patients will increase to 380 million.

Today there are several types of diabetes:

Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (type I), which is associated with damage to the pancreas, which decreasesthe production of insulin. The main reason for the defeat are so-called autoimmune diseases, inhibit the production of insulin by the body. Besides it is also considered risk factors viral diseases, alcoholism, poisoning, stress, which can have a negative impact on the pancreas. It should be noted that this type diabetes mostly in young people sick. At the same time the disease progresses very rapidly in the absence of proper treatmentusually leads to death.

Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (Type II). This disease is associated with a disorder in a human cell sensitivity to the effects of insulin, in which the pancreas is damaged, however, decreases the intake of glucose, which leads to an increase in sugar. This type of diabetes usually affects people over 40 years old are overweight. In most cases, this type of diabetes develops slowly and has no pronounced symptoms. Therefore,the patient does not feel a high pressure do not experience high levels of sugar and cholesterol, which ultimatelyis usually leading to stroke or myocardial infarction.

To date, thanks to the German clinic modern research laboratories equipped with the most highly technicalmodern research equipment, offering the most modern and high quality diabetes care. At the same time the German government annually allocates large funds for the development of new medicines. To date, medicalclinics in Germany offer their patients the most innovative and effective methods of getting rid of the disease, and even many Israeli and American patients choose treatment in Germany.

It should be noted that in the treatment of diabetes in a first type of medical clinics in Germany are used assurgical and medical methods of treatment. In this so-called diabetes drug treatments based on the individualpatient selection for insulin preparations with a short or long action, which administered subcutaneously.Surgical treatment is that the patient transplantation takes a small part of his pancreas relative, in which there are customers promote insulin production. In addition to control the glucose level in the patient's body using automatic standalone device strapped to the patient's skin, which, if necessary, enters the body need insulin.

Treatment abroad, namely in Germany, diabetes related to the second level is based on the use of drugs that reduce the absorption of glucose in the blood, as well as drugs that are due to their properties lower blood sugar. In addition, the clinics of Germany with great success used the most complex method of treatingdiabetes, called extracorporeal haemocorrection, which is the latest trend in modern medicine and is based on the removal of the patient's blood substances able to maintain and develop the disease, as well as giving bloodmedicinal properties. The most common methods of EG used in German hospitals are cascade filtration andplasma krioraferez. For the implementation of these procedures requires specialized medical equipment, whichis usually absent in the clinics of our country. That is why treatment abroad using hemocorrection is the mostefficient and effective method of treatment of diabetes.

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