Spirometry (lung function)
Application for Treatment
Spirometry (lung function)

What's this?
Spirometry is a way to assess the human respiratory function, lung function assessment and bronchi.
What it is for?
By measuring the volume of the lungs, the doctor can make a diagnosis of lung disease and to monitor the progress of the disease. Can often be detected even very small changes of the respiratory tract. Diagnostics help detect the disease at an early stage and identify the cause.C can be set by spirometry asthma, chronic bronchitis, such diagnostics is especially important for people who suffer from chronic cough.
How is this study?
The study is conducted with the sidya.Pri control lung function, the patient is given a small device, the so-called "spirometer" unit has tube through which the patient must breathe. To prevent breathing through the nose, the nose is attached to a special clip, as the patient must breathe only through your mouth in a certain sequence: normal inhale and exhale, breathe deeply, or first take a deep breath and as quickly as possible, as far as possible, exhale again.
The procedure lasts about 15-20 minutes.
Following the examination, the doctor has to measure lung capacity. There are two methods:
1) measures the volume of inhaled or exhaled air is plotted against time in lung volume.
2) measured volumetric air flow rate of the volume of the lungs.
Areas disease: polycythemia, hypercapnia, hypoxemia, airway obstruction, pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, pnevmotoraks.Takzhe this method is recommended for people who smoke a lot, experience shortness of breath, suffer from allergies, living in polluted localities
Important! Not have a 2 hour before the procedure (food should be easy), refrain from smoking and drinking strong coffee or tea.

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