Double-balloon enteroscopy
Application for Treatment
Double-balloon enteroscopy

Enteroscopy with the double balloon - an endoscopic procedure in diseases of the small intestine, allowing visually examine the small intestine in its entirety, biopsy and therapeutic manipulation.

The small intestine is examined extremely thinand flexible endoscope.


     In case of suspicion polypous formations in the small intestine and for endoscopicpolypectomy
     For suspected enteric bleeding (with the possibility of endoscopic stop bleeding)
     If you suspect a tumor of the small intestine(with possible biopsy)
     For the diagnosis of Crohn's disease
     In diffuse adenomatosis
     For balloon dilation of strictures of the small intestine
     For removal of foreign bodies

The purpose of the procedure:

- Cauterization of bleeding vessels diagnosed by endoscopic capsule

- Fence tissues of abnormal blood vessels,

- Expansion of the restricted areas of the small intestine,

- Extraction of foreign bodies.

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