Diagnosis of cancer of the brain in Germany
Application for Treatment
Diagnosis of cancer of the brain in Germany

For the diagnosis of a tumor process in the brain in Germany use the following imaging techniques :

    1. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI ) - allows you to take clear pictures of tumors located near the bones , very small tumors , tumors of the brain stem , as well as tumors in the early stages of development. Used during surgery to determine the tumor volume and the impact of mapping the brain , as well as to assess tumor response to treatment.
    2 . Computed tomography (CT ) - allows you to get detailed images of organs and tissues. CT is not as sensitive as MRI in detecting small tumors , brain stem tumors and tumors in the early stages of development. Computed tomography helps determine the location of the tumor , and in some cases its appearance. CT helps identify swelling of the brain , bleeding and other related tumor status . Computed tomography is used to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and monitoring of tumor recurrence .
  3 . Positron emission tomography (PET) - provides information on the activity of the brain . In some cases, the survey helps to distinguish the newly emerged tumor cells and dead cells (or scar tissue) as a result of radiation treatment. PET can complement MRI to determine the extent of tumor development. Obtained with PET data can help improve the accuracy of new radiosurgical techniques. PET is often held in conjunction with CT ( PET-CT technique ) .
    4 . Single photon emission computed tomography ( SPECT ) . PET is similar , but not as effectively distinguishes tumor cells and scar tissue after treatment. This technique can be used after a CT or MRI to distinguish tumors of low and high grade .
    5 . Magnetoencephalography (MEG) . Measures the magnetic fields produced by nerve cells as compared with their electrical activity . The technique is used to evaluate the performance of different parts of the brain .
    6MR angiography. Evaluates cerebral blood flow . Using MRI angiography is usually limited to planning surgical removal of tumors , which have a massive blood supply .
    7. Lumbar ( lumbar ) puncture - used to obtain a sample of cerebrospinal fluid.
    8. Biopsy - a surgical procedure in which the suspicious area of the fence is made of a tissue sample for examination under a microscope for signs of malignancy. Biopsy results provide information about the type of tumor cells. A biopsy can be performed as a separate diagnostic procedure or during the surgical removal of the tumor. 

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