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Angiography - a method of radiological research vessels (arteries, veins, lymph), which allows to determine the constriction or blockage of the vessel, place and degree of pathologicaldilatation (aneurysm), the presence of internal bleeding, the extent of the tumor process.

Research accomplished by injecting contrast medium into the vessel (main component isiodine) and still perform the fluoroscopic study.

Angiography is used

     To detect pathology of blood vessels (arteries, veins, lymphatics) - reveals the exact locationrestrictions and blockages of blood vessels.
     To detect atherosclerotic changes in vessels -atherosclerosis of aortic arch branches(narrowing and blockage of the carotid, vertebral and subclavian arteries, brachycephalic trunk),atherosclerosis and vascular occlusive disease of the lower extremities (narrowing and blockage of the arteries of the legs)
     In the diagnosis of heart disease - Coronary heart disease
      To evaluate kidney function and detect themin the cysts and tumors.
     To detect aneurysms, tumors, blood clots,arteriovenous shunts (abnormal adhesionsarteries and veins) in the brain.
     For the diagnosis of retinal diseases.
     As a method of preoperative examination before surgery on the open heart and the brain.
     In the diagnosis of vascular injury in place of knife and gunshot wounds.
     Compression (compression) from the outside of the vessel
     Vascular injury and its consequences
     Control of surgical intervention

There are restrictions on the use of this method of inspection, such as kidney disease, blood clotting, is not recommended for pregnant women.

  Contraindications to the use of angiography

     Acute inflammatory and infectious diseases;
     Plight of the patient;
     Mental illness;
     Severe cardiac, hepatic and renal failure;
     Allergic reaction to iodine.

Investigation of the arteries is called arteriography, veins - venography (phlebography), lymphatic vessels -lymphography.


     Hematoma in the puncture
     Rarely peripheral arterial thromboembolism
     Allergic reactions to an antiseptic, local anesthetic or contrast agents used during angiography.

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