Plastic surgery in the Czech Republic
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Plastic surgery in the Czech Republic

Over the years, on every face, there are signs of past years. What to do if the result of age, environment, stress, and sometimes injuries appearance brings more joy and is in disharmony with the "young soul" ?

Help solve this problem plastic surgery, which is increasingly part of our everyday life.
One of the most advanced in European medicine is plastic and aesthetic surgery of the Czech Republic .

Plastic Surgeon - a huge responsibility, because he is also responsible for health and beauty of your patient. What is special about Czech plastic surgeons and why patients are confided to their work?

higher 6 -year medical education in which students are present and theoretical training in plastic surgery operations ;

specialization within 2 years of general surgery under the supervision of an experienced surgeon - operate under the supervision of professionals and assisted by surgeons ;
accreditation certificate for a plastic surgeon . To be admitted to her doctor must pass an exam and provide advice of professionals , from whom he was trained , as well as a list of completed its operations , the type and amount of which are required ;
doctor receives permission for independent practice ;
every plastic surgeon in the Czech Republic and is licensed and certified to be indispensable member of the Czech Society of Plastic Surgery, which ensures the provision of quality health care. Membership certificate and the organization talking about the highest level of skill and expertise guarantee high physician.
 the price of plastic surgery in the Czech Republic is 2 times lower than, for example in Russia, the UK and Germany

Simple procedures such as facelifts, correction of the lips or breast augmentation, are popular with patients because of the vast experience of doctors and effective rehabilitation programs . High professional level of doctors and innovation and allow for more complex operations.
One of the pioneers of plastic medicine considered academician Czech Frantisek Burian, opened his clinic in 1912. Its first patients, hospitals became World War I soldiers. Today Czech centers, continuing the tradition Burian offer customers dozens of programs to preserve youth. Circular face lift will give a fresh new look , blepharoplasty " open " look. Make the nose ornament of your face will help rhinoplasty, give an ideal form - ears otoplasty. Breast Augmentation or Breast Implants - one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery clinics in Czech. You recently had a baby, and you want to get rid of negative pregnancy trace feature? Use ultrasound and laser liposuction. In some cases it is necessary to resort to abdominoplasty and correction thighs. The prices for services and service will be pleasantly surprised.
Much attention is paid doctors postoperative period. Czech spas offer rehabilitation programs aimed at improving the entire body. After surgery, you can relax in Karlovy Vary, Marianske or Franzensbad or any other nursing home.
Deciding to take advantage of plastic surgery in the Czech Republic , you combine treatment with a guided tour. Prague - one of the most beautiful cities in Europe , and aesthetic surgery allow walks in the recovery period . Best plastic surgeons guarantee a great result, but she Czech Republic - a lot of impressions and positive emotions.
Direction of plastic and aesthetic surgery in the Czech Republic

 removal of moles and other skin bumps
Cosmetic Surgery :
 removing small wrinkles
 Remove medium wrinkles
Plastic Surgery:
 facelift / neck
 nose reshaping ( rhinoplasty )
 plastic Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty )
 lip augmentation
 breast enlargement ( augmentation )
 Breast reduction ( mammoplasty )
 lift / breast modeling
 figure modeling ( liposuction )
 sagging abdomen ( abdominoplasty)
General and vennaya Surgery:
 hemorrhoids (surgical removal )
 Treatment of Varicose Veins
 Aesthetic Surgery intimate area ( labiaplastika )
Other laser surgery :
 laser teeth whitening

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