Homeopathy: Over 200 years ago a physician Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann discovered a new method of treatment - homeopathy. This method is based on the principle of similarity, and provides treatment of strongly diluted agents that cause a healthy person the same symptoms and that have this disease. According homoeopaths all complaints and disease provoked weakening or imbalance " vital energy " person. This invisible energy support physical and emotional balance in our body. Often self-healing powers possessed by the human body, capable of independently restore the disturbed balance. If this fails , then the person becomes ill . Homeopathic medicines are designed to stimulate self-healing force and vitality , yet does not improve the patient's condition or his recovery.Thus, homeopathy is not a treatment as such , it helps a person to heal themselves. Homeopathy in Germany refers to one of the most commonly used non-traditional therapies. The reason for its popularity is the desire of a growing number of people to heal naturally. To date, there are more than 1500 different homeopathic remedies . For their production are most often used following raw materials: Plants ( arnica, belladonna , pharmacy chamomile) , metals (gold , silver nitrate , mercury ) , minerals (sodium chloride, sulfur, phosphorus), animal / animal venoms
( honey bees, snake venom, blister fly) . Homeopathic remedies available in various forms such as globules ( small balls of sucrose) , drops, pills , ointments , suppositories and injections. Homeopathy is used in a variety of chronic and acute diseases, to treat patients of all ages. However, in the absence of short-term improvement after taking homeopathic remedies , or the threat of complications , it is strongly advised to seek professional medical help .
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