Application for Treatment

Treatment with gold practiced for many centuries, with the help of this precious metaltreated leprosy, tuberculosis, lupus and many other diseases. Wearing jewelry made of gold orits alloys with other precious metals considered very beneficial to health, and even prescribed fordepression, hysteria, epilepsy. It was believed that gold has a calming effect on the patient, giving him courage and good humor.

Properties of gold

In aurotherapy based on surprising properties of gold - its anti-allergic, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect. Gold is able to activate the metabolism, lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

Efficiency aurotherapy

Aurotherapy today is also quite common, because gold treatment has proven effective. For example, in patients withrheumatoid arthritis and polyarthritis clinical improvement occurs in 75-80% of cases. Solutions of gold salts have a devastating effect on many pathogens, and thus can be assigned aurotherapy patients with concomitant presence of many chronic diseases, drugs and gold can be given even to people with cancer.

Cosmetology very actively using drugs of gold, they are used for skin rejuvenation, slow aging and getting rid of wrinkles.

Golden water

Golden water - is drinking water that is saturated with gold ions. This is a very popular tool in medicine, which is used totreat a variety of diseases.

• To strengthen the immune system, you need to take a teaspoon of golden water for a week on an empty stomach.Following is a break week, the course is repeated.

• If you make compresses with golden water several times a week (usually 2-3 times a week is enough), you can get rid ofwrinkles and significantly smooth out deep. Compresses is recommended to use a linen cloth, exposure time 15-30 minutes.

• Drinking water gold used in the treatment of depression, dermatitis, infertility.

• You can drink water gold courses (one week to use gold water, the second to take a break) for the prevention of cancer.Scientific studies suggest a positive effect of such prophylaxis: the people who use gold periodically water, less likely to suffer from oncological diseases.

How to cook golden water?

It is quite possible at home. If you have gold jewelry (ideally - without stones), they must be well washed in running water,disinfect and put them in a container with 400 ml of drinking water. This water together with the gold to be boiled untilhalf of the liquid has evaporated. After cooling, the water is ready for use (decoration, of course, must be removed).

Adverse effects from such water is not detected until today, the main thing - to know the measure of all and notcompletely replace normal drinking water gold and drink her courses.
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