Acupuncture to assist people wishing to lose weight
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Acupuncture to assist people wishing to lose weight

You've tried different diets, but to no avail?

Maybe we should turn our eyes toward alternative Chinese medicine, acupuncture and more precisely?Acupuncture is used to treat a variety of medical fields, for getting rid of the dependency, in particular fromnicotine addiction, as well as to reduce weight.

Where are the point, the impact of which will save you from the extra pounds?

Most active points are in the ear. Generally, according to the Chinese acupuncture method on the ear are the projections of all organs and systems. In particular, the point of starvation - the impact on a given point curbshunger that we experience. When using special acupuncture acupuncture needles, a length of approximately 2mm, that after the establishment of points fixed with a special plastyrem.Ustanavlivayutsya acupuncture needlesfor a period of 7 to 10 days.

Usually the body begins to react very quickly to establish acupuncture needles - saturation when eating occursmuch faster than before, hunger pangs visit us much less and normalizes metabolism. Among other things, acupuncture in this case pursues another important goal - namely, the normalization of our mental state(remember what your mood is usually when you're on a diet!), And so acupuncture can help to solve this problem - the patient becomes mentally more stable.
What's interesting - when installed needles, a slight pressure on the needle (for example, during an attack ofhunger) even more trigger actions.

Many people wonder: Do I have to be used needles? Despite painless, many patients are afraid of needles. In such cases, acupuncture can be used special balls, but it's worth noting that the action in this case is weaker.

There is another point in the oral cavity which reduces the impact on appetite.
Impact on the point in the area of the small intestine activates the digestive process.
When exposed to a point in the region of the lungs, significantly reduces the need for sweet.
When a person is on a diet, acupuncture may become his indispensable assistant.
If you decide to lose weight, consult a specialist. Correct a course of acupuncture is painless and harmless andhas no adverse side effects. But it must be clear and that for optimum results, it is necessary to revise your diet(replacing fats and carbohydrates for fruits, vegetables and products of protein origin) and lifestyle change.
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