Prostatectomy in Germany
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Prostatectomy in Germany

Da Vinci system - robotic prostatectomy in Germany

Da Vinci system - the advanced technology of minimally invasive interventions in the treatment of prostate carcinoma.

Da Vinci surgical robot is equipped with a three-dimensional visualization system with the effect of the actual depth of the image. Thanks to this program, and automatic maneuvering image depending on changes in head position of the surgeon and surgical manipulations localization Da Vinci provides a constant clear visualization of the surgical field.

During the operation, can be used additional information obtained by CT or MRI.

By eliminating the effect of natural human hands shake, use of tools with the increased freedom of movement and the possibility of working part of the system to transform large amplitude motion on the joystick control in the center console precise manipulation in a patient's body significantly increases the accuracy of surgical actions. During the intervention the surgeon is able to operate not two, but three or more hands. Control systems Da Vinci designed so that the tools are simply repeating finger dexterity of the surgeon.

During the complex and lengthy manipulations surgeon's hands are in an ergonomic position on the arms, fingers and hands fixed relevant authorities.

Advantages of Da Vinci :

Da Vinci system allows the surgeon to translate hand movements into corresponding micro- movements of instruments inside the patient. This is facilitated by four robotic arms with instruments with 7 degrees of freedom ( more than brush human hand ) and curving 90 degrees.

Da Vinci system is equipped with tremor reduction, motion control systems improves the equivalence of ownership with both hands to the limits, inaccessible to man. Advanced range of motion instruments improves access and reliability in operations in confined spaces, such as the pelvis, mediastinum, heart bag.

Da Vinci - the only surgical system designed for sitting, which is not only more comfortable, but can also provide clinical benefits due to less fatigue of the surgeon.

Robotic arms of the Da Vinci hold the camera and tools on weight, it potentially reduces the twisting moment on the abdominal wall trauma patient, the need for Assisted and fatigue.

Finally, since the robotic arms provide additional mechanical strength, the surgeon can now operate with obese patients. 

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