Poisoning gasoline
Application for Treatment
Poisoning gasoline

Gasoline - a mixture of various hydrocarbons. Most often, it is used as fuel for engines, also in the paint and rubber industries.

This is a dangerous liquid, which is capable of hitting the central nervous system, providing a narcotic effect.Variety of additives increase the toxicity of gasoline. A higher ambient temperature increases the damage caused by the body, and increases the chances of getting food poisoning.

Тypes of poisoning

There are at least four ways to poisoning by gasoline:
• inhalation of gasoline vapors
• entering it into the gastro-intestinal tract
• entering the lungs due to aspiration
• through the intact skin.

Сonsequences of poisoning

Inhalation of vapors of gasoline cry dizziness, headache, feeling similar to intoxication. Very often there isnausea and vomiting. Severe cases of poisoning causes respiratory failure, loss of consciousness, seizures.

Aspiration gasoline immediately evokes a long painful cough that is accompanied by nausea and vomiting.Difficulty breathing, weakness occurs. Temperature rises.

Ingestion of gasoline causes vomiting, disturbed sleep, hallucinations appear. In severe cases, symptoms ofpsychosis.

Gasoline and its vapors are toxic to the kidneys, can cause renal failure.

First aid

In cases of serious poisoning gasoline vapors should immediately withdraw victim from poisoning to fresh air.Remove clothing contaminated with gasoline, to avoid absorption through the skin. Desirable to use oxygen mask.

If gasoline spills into the stomach, it is recommended to take activated charcoal - to 20 tablets. This is followed by gastric lavage. The procedure must be performed by using a probe and a 2% solution of baking soda. Callingself vomiting can cause vomit entering the lungs and, as a consequence, re-poisoning.

Easy gasoline poisoning victim does not require hospitalization or specialized care providers. In more severecases of poisoning should immediately send poisoned in hospital, pre-render all possible first aid. If the patientto the ambulance with breathing problems begin immediately to do artificial respiration.

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