Variety of braces
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Variety of braces

Braces are used in modern orthodontics to correct defects bite, presented a range ofdesigns from different materials. Braces forinstallation technology differ by:

- Vestibular;
- Lingual.

Vestibular system are mounted on the outer surface of the teeth and the lingual - directly in the mouth on the inner side of the dentition.

Traditional material for braces is stainlesssteel medical. This material is biocompatible,durable, resistant to food acids and otherqualities that are important for the successful use made ​​of it systems. Metal braces are also varieties of affordable price, but fewpatients make choices in their favor, as wellas metallic systems are somewhat unsightly.

However, metal braces successfully perform tasks. One of the design features is the minimum force of frictionbetween the power and arc grooves braces, which accelerates the process of correcting defects bite. One of the novelties are bezligaturnye self-ligating system in which only lock the bracket is attached to the power arc, butnot rigidly locked. This contributes to bystrmu, soft and natural movement of teeth with minimal disruption to patients. Self-ligating systems allow professionals to select the desired pattern of movement for each toothseparately, which generally helps to achieve completely predictable results.

The most common varieties of braces are classified by material of manufacture. Due to the fact that by theaesthetics of orthodontic System Works today imposed the same high requirements as to efficiency,manufacturers use not only conventional medical steel, but materials such as gold, composites, plastics, ceramics and others.

Plastic systems (Elan GAS Company, Spirit MB Ormco and other firms) are a decent alternative metal, as they have less weight and not so striking. However, under the influence of food dyes contained in plastic changes color over time, and its low strength is often the cause of replacing the entire system before the completion ofthe treatment process. Speaking of cost, plastic construction are more expensive metal, but cheaper thananalogues of ceramics.

Patients who pay great attention to the aesthetics of braces often prefer ceramic systems - monocrystalline orpolycrystalline. The most popular among patients enjoy Clarity ceramic systems from the company 3M Unitek.Polycrystalline structure can be matte or translucent, and fully transparent single crystal and therefore practically invisible when worn. Construction of single crystals is called sapphire. Sapphire braces today are among the most expensive, a recommended system includes inspire ICE.

Of course, the most invisible on the teeth are lingual braces species. But, successfully solving the problem ofpsychological discomfort associated with wearing orthodontic design linvalnye systems deliver patients morephysical discomforts. In particular, these braces are difficult to clean, they may interfere with speech and eating, so require longer habituation than vestibular.

To date, the best bracket systems are considered system Incognito (Germany). Due to high quality, reliability, efficiency and aesthetics, they are often used in Germany. Also noteworthy lingual system Stb (USA), from the firm braces Stealth American Orthodontics and Braces bezligaturnye Inovation-L (USA).

Do not forget that the choice of a system of orthodontic problem is a qualified professional who can recommendthe most effective braces with all the features of the bite and the patient's wishes.

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