Acupressure for toothache
Application for Treatment
Acupressure for toothache

Toothache can be reduced by usingacupressure, but it is important to remember that to determine and eliminate the causes ofdental pain, consult your doctor.
So a few points for acupressure for toothache:
- On the inner side of the wrist (radiocarpaljoint), the location on the side of the thumb
- On the outer side of the nail of the index finger to press the nail of the thumb of the other hand (much to the onset of pain)
- The midpoint of the skull roof
- The middle of the nasolabial fold
- The angle of the upper jaw, right in front ofearlobes
In acute pain - an impact point on as required, with a recurrent - from one to three times a day. If any of the points is very sensitive, work on it without any special effortfor about 30 seconds. On a less sensitivepoint of impact more intensely for 10-15seconds.

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