Laser therapy
Application for Treatment
Laser therapy

The basis of this method is a high bioactivity and specific physicochemical properties of the laser.During the procedure, the patient may feel a slight warmth to the body, where the influence of the laser.
With this method, a low-energy treatment (low-intensity) laser radiation is used with rehabilitation and therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

• Diseases of the internal organs (from colitis and bronchitis to myocarditis).
• Dental disease (gingivitis periodontal disease, alveolitis, etc.)
• Diseases of the nervous system (neuropathy, neuralgia, vegetative dystonia, migraine, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy).
• Skin diseases (lichen planus, keloid scars, herpes, eczema, etc.).
• Gynaecological disorders (acute and chronic inflammation).
• Surgical Diseases (periarthritis, epicondylitis, prostatitis, proctitis, infected and nonhealing wounds, sores, etc.).
• Diseases of ENT organs.

• Tuberculosis in active form.
• Hyperthyroidism.
• Complex diseases of the cardiovascular system.
• Benign and malignant tumors.
• Infectious diseases, hypersensitivity.

Laser therapy has antimicrobial, antiviral, analgesic, anti-allergic effect. Enhances blood circulation and lymph flow, reduces blood viscosity and strengthens local immunity.
When rehabilitation in Germany and the Czech Republic, this method of treatment is widely used when indicated.

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