Rapunzel syndrome
Application for Treatment
Rapunzel syndrome

Rapunzel syndrome

Rapunzel syndrome - one of the diseases often marks described in psychiatric practice. This syndrome is characterized by severe consequences and the need for a serious long-term treatment. His name was named fantastic character, girls Rapunzel, which had long hair.

Progression of the disease

Symptoms of this syndrome occur mostly in childhood in individuals suffering from psychopathy, mental retardation and other serious mental illness. Thus patients pull out their hair and swallow them.

The clinical picture

Permanent hair ingestion leads to the formation of a conglomerate of hair in the small intestine. As a result, a large number of clusters, there is a mechanical intestinal obstruction. On the clinical picture of the size and shape affect the conglomerate, as well as the nature of its surface and the term of the stomach. Against this background may develop ulceration of the stomach wall, bleeding and perforation.


- Heartburn

- Dull pain in the stomach area

- Feeling of heaviness

- Vomiting

Diagnosis and treatment

With palpation can detect moving solid formation in the stomach. Important at this X-ray examination and gastroscopy.Treatment in Germany in this case is assigned only operative.

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