Gnashing of teeth during sleep
Application for Treatment
Gnashing of teeth during sleep

Gnashing of teeth during sleep is called bruxism. Sometimes the attacks occur every night, sometimes intermittently.Duration of an attack of night gnashing of teeth can range from a few seconds to several minutes. Despite the apparent simplicity of this phenomenon, its mechanism is still not entirely clear to modern medicine, and the statistical estimate of the number of people suffering from this disease varies from 1% to 3%. Scientific studies show that the main cause of bruxism is a lot of stress. Excess stress, often gained by man for a long period (months, years), begins to erupt during sleepmechanical motion of the jaws. Typical signs of bruxism - poor sleep, morning fatigue and morning pain in the jaw.

Accordingly, for the treatment of bruxism is necessary to treat the stress leading up to it. Bruxism is sufficiently serious symptom. If it occurs it is a definite reason for coming to a therapist and go through at least medication (antidepressants, etc.). In more serious cases, stress disorders, in addition to medications may need psychotherapy. Other non-drugmethods of dealing with stress (stress relieving bath, walk in the fresh air) may be effective in the complex treatment.Bruxism side effect is the destruction of tooth enamel, which requires proper treatment by a dentist. Also, the dentist can order a personalized mouthpiece - a safety device which will protect your tooth enamel nights as teeth grinding during sleep, will not go away in one day, even with adequate treatment - usually for its extinction must take weeks. Rana does not treat bruxism itself, but only makes the tooth enamel.

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