Why a sore right side while running
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Why a sore right side while running
Each of us who are involved in sports, especially running, knows what a pain in the side. Piercing unpleasant sensation that makes us stop and catch your breath. It lies in the breath problem. There are two theories stabbing pain in the side, look at both:

Spasm of the diaphragm as a result of improper breathing and lack of blood supply to the muscles

Pain occurs as a result of gastric juice, so athletes are not recommended to eat before a workout

Pain in the right side indicates congested liver capsule, and the pain in my left side gives congested spleen.

We list some of the reasons causing the pain in his side and their elimination:

Improper breathing: breath control should be the first second distance and did not stop for a minute, as soon as you go astray, there will be pain

Food: do not run after a meal, wait 3-4 hours

Liquid: Drink water after a workout

If the pain in his side yet emerged, there are several ways to fix it:

Stop running, make a sharp deep breath and exhale slowly to completely empty the lungs. Stop and take a few tilts forward, hands touching toes. Can while running promassirovat area of ​​acute pain, sometimes it helps, but it is better to stop. Before jogging can put on a tight waist wide belt with Velcro and tighten it at the onset of pain in his side.
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