Neuropathic pain
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Neuropathic pain
Neuropathic pain is a disease which is the nature of peripheral nerve. This disease often gives a person a lot of grief and leads to disruption of itsnormal state for many years. According to recent studies of German experts from neuropathic pain experience anguish about 10% of the inhabitants of our planet. The essence of the disease is that the injured nerves begin totransmit to the cells of the human brain the wrong messages in excess. In particular, theymay indicate that a person at a given moment,touched the electric wire.

However, in reality, nothing of the sort happened. As a factor that gives rise to the appearance of neuropathic pain, there may be certain diseases, such as multiple sclerosis. Often this kind of pain is formed as an exacerbation after other diseases of the nervous system - for example, diabetes, osteoarthritis, or herpes zoster. Most patients hospitals suffering from neuropathic sensations, reported that they feel tingling or numbness, and are also expressed in other verbal forms -a feeling of "pins and needles crawling" or "many spines".

Those who have the opportunity to spend a treatment in Germany, are willing to use this option. With regard to drug therapy, then get rid of neuropathic pain medications should be used in case of convulsions, as well as antidepressants.Currently, the most effective treatment is considered pregabalin (another name "Lyric"), which is made on moderninnovative technologies. 
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