The pain from a medical perspective
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The pain from a medical perspective
The pain from a medical perspective Everyone was in pain at least once in his life- when struck, the fall in disease and evenmental anguish. This unpleasant sensation which is called suffering, can be both physical and emotional.

From the standpoint of medicine pain - an unpleasant sensation, which is accompaniedby efforts to get rid of the pain factor, unconditional motor reflexes, characterized by emotional coloring. At the onset of painthe body mobilizes functional systems toprotect against pain factor.

Classification of pain

There are two basic types of pain - mental and physical. Soul - is a mental experience, which in no way associated with functional ororganic disorders, such pain oftenaccompanies mental disorder or depression.

Physical pain, in turn, is divided into several types.

• Chronic pain. Lasts longer than the period during which it was supposed to end. This type of pain is quitedifficult to cure, but treatment in Germany can effectively get rid of it.

• Acute pain. By timing the pain short term, it acts as a signal to the body that something is wrong, and you should pay attention to it. Acute pain is often accompanied by persistent aching. This type is easily treated with timely treatment for medical help.

• somatic pain - appears in the joints, ligaments, bones, tendons, nerves or blood vessels.

• Cutaneous pain. This type of pain is manifested in damaged skin or subcutaneous tissue. Typically, this pain islocalized (in damage), short duration (due to the high concentration of nerve endings).

• Neuropathic pain is caused by disease or damage to nerve tissue (the most striking example - a toothache).

• Phantom pain. This type of pain occurs in the absence or insensitive extremities (paralysis, amputation).

• Pain inside - this type of pain includes all the pain that may occur in the internal organs. Typically, the pain is quite long, aching. This pain is not easy to locate, because in some internal damage brain feeling of pain can be attributed to other parts of the body, non-damaged areas themselves. Locate the pain can be quite quickly with the intervention of highly skilled professionals and new equipment, so treatment in Germany - the best choice in the presence of internal pain.

• Pain pathological - in this case the pain impulses are perceived by the body in a modified form (because of irregularities in the subcortical and cortical areas of the central nervous system).

• Psychogenic pain occurs on a background of mental disorders and has a chronic character. Diagnosed withthis type of pain when there is no organic disease (or disease can not explain the severity of the pain). Most often psychogenic pain is accompanied by anxiety, depression, hysteria, etc.

Pain - it is not normal for a healthy body, so deal with the pain and its causes need. To find out the true causes of the pain and eliminate it, choose high-quality treatment in Germany - German experts help you!
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