Deviated septum
Application for Treatment
Deviated septum

Deviated septum

The nasal septum is a small plate that separatesthe nasal cavity about half. Its bending can causeviolation of nasal breathing. And this, in turn,increases the likelihood of allergic and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system,causing headaches, develops neurotic states, has a negative effect on the genitourinary andcardiovascular systems.

Deviated septum can be caused by three reasons, and treatment in Germany is capable ofcorrectly identify each of them:
- An injury. In this case a violation of nasal breathing occurs suddenly;
- In the presence of inflammatory diseases of the nose, especially in chronic diseases. In this situation the thickenedseptum cartilaginous part, thereby forming a bending notorious;
- If the cartilage and bone of the nasal septum grow unevenly. In this case, usually formed by bending required.

Symptoms of septal deviation

Septum precede the following symptoms:
- Difficulty in nasal breathing;
- Snoring;
- Dryness of the nasal cavity;
- Allergic diseases;
- A chronic inflammatory disease of the nasal sinuses - etmoidita, sinusitis, frontal sinusitis;
- In the long course of sinusitis on the background of a deviated septum can develop polyps;
- Changing the shape of the nose (especially with injuries).

Negative consequences of septal deviation sufficiently diverse. Studies have shown that when there is beginning to change the blood picture, genital, vascular system. The body becomes more susceptible to hypothermia and less resistantto environmental adverse environmental factors. All of this suggests that it is a serious matter, and treatment in Germanycan hardly be overestimated.

In medicine, there are two treatments curved nasal septum. This is surgery to remove the septum or fixing it. As forsurgery, it is not recommended for children under 16 years, as the growth of the partition ends only after 15 years.Consequently, there is little likelihood that the distortion will disappear by itself.

The second way is to septoplasty. That is, using endoscopic equipment is correcting a deviated septum without surgery.

After correcting the septum should protect themselves from temperature extremes and excessive exercise. And theimportant thing to know that breathing is restored immediately, therefore need to be patient and wait.

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