Treatment of thyroid cancer
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Treatment of thyroid cancer

Tumors of the endocrine system , thyroid cancer is the most common disease .

The known causes of such diseases include doctors radiation, lack of iodine in the human body , heredity . In many cases of thyroid cancer remains unrecognized for a long time and does not manifest clinically . Tumor foci are usually not visible during an ultrasound.

However, if you are diagnosed with thyroid cancer , or have a predisposition to such diseases , then do not worry , thyroid cancer , along with other types of cancer , it is best to treat.

Currently, more and more patients from around the world seek treatment for thyroid cancer in Germany. Than it is justified ?

Having conducted a small survey of patients, we were able to identify the following aspects:

The advantage of the treatment of thyroid tumors in Germany is
• Individual approach, careful diagnosis
• Application of minimally invasive techniques in surgery
• Experience of leading experts
• Value for money

Experts of our company personally present during operations to remove the thyroid gland in clinics in Germany and noted the following :

Through the use of modern technology, the typical complications of thyroid surgery such as loss of voice due to intraoperative damage to the recurrent nerve that controls the vocal cords , as well as disruption of the parathyroid glands , followed by a calcium deficiency in the blood is minimized.

For the prevention of dysfunction of the vocal cords during operations on the thyroid and parathyroid glands held neuromonitoring nerves of the vocal cords , which allows to avoid damage during surgery.

To assess the degree of malignancy of thyroid tissue removed during surgery , doctors, using special equipment , conduct analysis and without delay with precise information about the structure of the resected tissue .

An important aspect for patients is cosmetically favorable postoperative scar formation , so surgeons try to perform the intervention through small incisions in the skin , and if possible give preference to minimal invasive operations .

postoperative period

After complete removal of the thyroid patient is prescribed hormone therapy , which allows completely replace the thyroid activity , in case of partial resection prescribed therapy with radioactive iodine.

Usually, the patient is released on the third or fourth day after surgery.

In 90% of patients in Germany completely cured of thyroid cancer. The most important thing - it's time to recognize the disease as quickly as possible to begin treatment.

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