Treatment of brain cancer in Germany
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Treatment of brain cancer in Germany

German doctors use various methods of treatment of brain tumors.

The main goal of treatment - is the maximum reduction in the size of the tumor with surgery , radiation therapy ( or radiotherapy ) or chemotherapy.

In Germany , before choosing a method of treatment is carried out a thorough examination of the patient .

Methods of treatment of brain tumors depend on such factors as age, general health, and comorbidity , but also on the size, location and type of tumor.

Treatment of brain tumors is complex and requires the participation of such experts as: neurosurgeon, oncologist , radiologist , neurologist, physiatrist and Rehabilitation .

German physicians in their practices using different protocols of treatment of brain tumors , the choice of which depends on the size of tumor, its location, the patient's age and general state of the patient.

In Germany in specialized cancer centers for the treatment of brain cancer surgery used , radiotherapy and chemotherapy . In most cases, using combination therapy , a combination of different methods .

Surgical treatment of brain tumors in Germany

The aim of surgical treatment - the identification of the tumor and its surgical removal .

If possible , try to remove the tumor completely. The complexity of the surgery on the brain is that it is impossible to excise the tumor within normal tissues , as is done by surgeons at other sites of malignant tumors , as every millimeter of the brain responsible for certain functions.

In German clinics surgical treatment of brain tumors to be replaced by non-surgical methods of radiosurgery - Stereotactic surgery . These methods include gamma knife and cyber knife and proton therapy .

Stereotactic surgery methods have advantages over a surgeon's scalpel , as the recovery period is much less risk of complications. But, unfortunately , non-surgical methods are not always applicable .

Radiotherapy for brain tumors in Germany

Radiotherapy German doctors used in the treatment of brain tumors when surgical treatment is not possible for one reason or another , or used after surgery to reduce the risk of tumor recurrence and possibly destroy the remaining cancer cells .

Radiation therapy is done locally , that is irradiated by a certain part of the brain . Radiation dose is adjusted individually and depends on the size of the tumor, its composition and depth.

In Germany, radiation therapy is performed in a specially - equipped offices. Radiologist, physician , depending on the tumor type circuit generates radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy for brain tumors is performed in two ways:

EBRT . Applied radiation beam of high intensity. The course lasts a few weeks , with a periodicity of 5 times a week , 2 days break. The session takes a few minutes of exposure .

Brachytherapy . This method consists in that the thickness of the tumors injected radioactive seed , and thereby destroy the tumor with radiation occurs from the inside. Such radiation dose is calculated so that she worked only in the tumor tissue . In this case, the patient may want to stay in the hospital for several days.

Stereotactic radiosurgery in Germany

Stereotactic radiosurgery - this method is considered an alternative to traditional surgery.

The essence of radiosurgery is that the destruction of the tumor does not apply a single beam of radiation, as many beams directed at one point ( in the case of gamma knife ) or a beam whose direction during irradiation session is constantly changing, but he must pass by tumor tissue . This allows for no particular radiation exposure to healthy tissue to deliver a large dose of radiation precisely to the tumor. Modern computer technology in imaging allow for such " radiosurgery " operation is very accurate.

Endoscopic treatment for brain tumors in Germany

For the treatment of brain tumors and other pathological entities such as cysts, hematoma after traumatic brain injury , etc. German neurosurgeons widely used endoscopic surgery .

Endoscopic intervention - this intervention without wide incisions , using special endoscopic techniques . Such intervention avoids injury to small blood vessels and nerves that can be damaged by traditional neurosurgical intervention .

Chemotherapy for brain tumors in Germany

Chemotherapy in Germany selected individually and usually consists of several drugs.

Chemotherapy is administered as cycles , between which there are breaks. Each cycle of chemotherapy of brain tumor last few weeks. The majority held 2-4 cycles of chemotherapy .

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