The application of nanotechnology in orthopedics
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The application of nanotechnology in orthopedics

The word "nanotechnology" tightly stuck in everyday consciousness. We now and then authoritatively declare that a particular unit is designed with the use of nanotechnology. What is behind this word? Nanotechnology - is the management and manipulation of objects at the molecular level and the creation of devices of the same size (nano - is a billionth of a meter, a size comparable to the molecule).

Can exactly say that branch of science and technology can be considered only if the modern when it usesnanotechnology. Do not stay aside and medicine. The application of nanotechnology in orthopedics is still in thebeginning. However, that the future belongs to them, no doubt.

Orthopedics - a branch of medicine dealing with the elimination of the pathology of the musculoskeletal system. These diseases can be congenital, acquired as a result of injury or disease (eg, arthritis, cancer, tuberculosis), and as a result of abnormal development.

Important place in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system takes use of orthopedic implants, for example,elements of the spine, major joints prostheses. The problem is that over time they become infected and wear out, and the bone around them collapses. Implant loosens and ceases to perform its functions.

The implant is greatly enhanced when applied to the surface of the polymer film in which administered drugs - antibioticsand anti-inflammatories. They can be released at the request of the body and delivered to the desired point. Such smartpolymeric coating of polypyrrole are based on nanotechnology. Furthermore, the nanostructured material can increase its own bone tissue.

Nanotechnology in orthopedics today allow to cure bone cancer. It is known that radio-and chemotherapy negativelyaffect healthy cells around the tumor. Using nanocarriers possible delivery of toxic drugs targeted, specifically to cancer cells without harming healthy. However, while this method is very expensive. Further improvement will make it publicly available.

The scientists believe that the use of nanoparticles will allow to cure up to 80% of the disabled, suffering defeat of the musculoskeletal system. In general, the application of nanotechnology in orthopedics involves the creation of ultraimplants and prostheses, intraosseous rods Supraspinous plates stimulate bone regeneration and transportation of drugs.

Nanotechnology can revolutionize orthopedics. The only concern of physicians associated with insufficient knowledge ofthe impact of nanoparticles on the human body. Along with the development of new advanced therapies is a prioritydirection of scientific and medical research.

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