Nanotechnology in Ophthalmology
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Nanotechnology in Ophthalmology

Nanotechnology is rapidly entered into human life and confidently took his place there. Science does not stand still, and it was difficult to imagine some medicine without these unique tiny helpers. In ophthalmology, they have also made a significant contribution.
Using unique  particles made ​​it possible to implement what is still thought to be impossible - the restoration of the photoreceptor after injury. It is these special particles are able to significantly improve vision, restore his sharpness and clarity.

Nanotechnology in Ophthalmology persistently evolving every day, and modern scientists do not rest on their laurels. For example, an American PhD in ophthalmology Marco Zarbin productively working on the creation of new and uniqueimplants for complex operations on the pupil. He drew attention to the fact that nanotechnology is able to maintain andin some cases restore lost vision without harm to the general state of the organism.

With the help of individual nanoparticles or implants, many people will be able to get a unique long-awaited chance to see the world in bright, rich colors.

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