Nanotechnology in endocrinology
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Nanotechnology in endocrinology

Medicine is constantly evolving and improving. Each year, nanotechnology is rapidly increasing its capabilities, allowing to fight various diseases and save countless lives.

The introduction of nanotechnology in endocrinology

Not so long ago there were small Endocrinology nanorobots. They are able in a short time to undertake a fulloverhaul of the whole organism and control blood sugar levels. Their use allows to avoid multiple samplingblood from the patient required for continuous glucose monitoring.

With the introduction of the blood of these creations can be given clear and concise analysis of glycemia asreflected in the internal organs, and prevent all possible disastrous consequences. Amazing robots canconstantly monitor their blood sugar, fixing it swings depending on food intake or exercise. Also, in addition toretaining the level of sugar in the blood, they are able to keep the person on the general state of the whole organism.

Job nanorobots in the human body

Before introducing this baby into the bloodstream, it is treated carefully in order to achieve a perfectly smoothsurface. It is a smooth surface helps the robot perfectly enter the bloodstream and move freely with him. His entire path monitored by a special beacon, which is displayed on the monitor screen.

The nanobots are equipped with special sensors, which are based include melloksidnye semiconductors. They allow you to correctly determine the level of glucose. A nice addition to the work of robots in the body is the fact that when it snaps sugar, the report on the general condition of the patient comes to his cell phone.

Lifetime nanorobots

Total lifetime of nanorobots - three months. Their top layer filled with hyaluronidase, which subsequently triggers the mechanism of self-destruction. This process is quite easy and simple, and does not cause any harm to the body. After the expiration of operating the robot self-destructs and excreted naturally. Next batch of nanorobotscan be no earlier than six months.

It was the introduction into the human body a chance nanoorganizmov many people with diabetes lead a normal life, without apparent restrictions.

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