Nanotechnology in dentistry
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Nanotechnology in dentistry

Has long been known that the formation of the strongest in our body - it teeth. Daily, they undergo a series ofloading and testing. Only one process of chewing solid and juicy apple is quite enough that they got heavy load.The teeth, as well as any organ in the body, have properties deteriorate. However, they are not subject to self-healing. Then they come to replace dentures. Which must not give this strength and aesthetic appearance.

Currently active in this field apply photoceramics. But the material is not the ideal solution for the manufacture of dentures and bridges, as the strength of their will not be too high a percentage. That's why people who usethese prostheses, try to limit yourself to much, so as not to damage dentures and not spoil them.

The application of nanotechnology in dentistry

German professor Christian Ryussel studied the properties of nanocrystals, which could be used in orthodonticsand dentistry. This material, in its strength can be compared only with diamond. In addition, the appearance ofdentures nanocrystals can fully simulate the natural healthy teeth. The main difference between these crystals - it is their translucency, has the same performance and tooth enamel. And if before the material is mainly usedfor the manufacture of computers, there is now a greater likelihood that these nanotechnology will find extensive use in dentistry.

However, despite the fact that nanotechnology successfully realize themselves in the field of dentistry, theirpractical implementation is very slow. This is due mostly to the fact that their use requires enormously expensive equipment and highly qualified specialists in the new field.

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