Nanomaterials help you quickly find the hiding thrombus
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Nanomaterials help you quickly find the hiding thrombus

Scientists have created a simple test based on a urine test that can detect the presence of life-threatening blood clots , says the report in the journal ACS Nano. Methodology already tested in rodents . Blood clots are dangerous because they can cause strokes and heart attacks , as well as atherosclerosis , says Business Standard.

It is known that if a person is a long time in a sitting position , for example, during long flights , it increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis ( a blood clot formed in his leg, but then I can move to any place ) . Unfortunately , current tests can not accurately show the presence of thrombus.

New technology also bypasses all existing analogues . It relies on the use of synthetic safe for human biomarkers - laboratory materials . The researchers added small particles peptides on these nanomaterials . Next nanomaterials introduced rodents . If the blood clot is present , the peptides that are placed on nanomaterials, disintegrated . They got from the blood into the urine. There's something scientists have caught them make diagnoses . 

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