Application of nanotechnology in oncology and hematology
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Application of nanotechnology in oncology and hematology

Life does not stand still, the same thing can be said about science. Technology began to develop so rapidly thathelped to create new particles that can give limitless opportunities in a variety of medical fields. Because of this, humanity is getting closer to learning how to understand not only what is happening inside our body at the cellular or molecular level, but also at the atomic, that is, at the nanoscale.

Nanotechnology - a new and unexplored discipline. Major discoveries that are planned in this area until you are done. Yet the ongoing research has yielded the first good results. In medicine, nanotechnology is known to almost everyone. And they managed to make a huge splash. Scientists have made many discoveries andinventions that are able to maintain our health.

Nanotechnology in Oncology and Hematology

Application of nanotechnology in oncology and hematology is mainly aimed at:

• reducing the manifestations of various kinds of diseases
• stopping or preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Nanotechnology - the energy-information tools that help you adjust the pathological processes occurring in our body during the beginning of an illness. With this technology recovers newscast life in DNA.

They are able to work on almost all links of the pathogenesis of diseases:

• save and restore the program of human life, which is already incorporated into the DNA
• help remove toxins, pollutants, cancer cells, residues of drugs, etc.
• help to restore the lost energy
• improve immunity
• help to reduce blood viscosity
• normalize the whole body
• to create new healthy cells and favorable conditions for recovery weakened
• improve the functioning of the nerve impulse.

Scientists have repeatedly tried to get the immune system to fight the cancer cells, but still progress achieved in this area is very small.

When outside our body invade "aggressors", the immune system is working properly and is opposed to thisinvasion. However, to recognize and destroy cancer cells that are inside, unfortunately, it is not yet in force.
To help her with this, scientists are working hard to create vaccines. But results in the fight against cancersthese vaccines virtually brought.

Today it is from successful developments in nanotechnology depends on whether human beings will fight with cancer. Assigned to them great hopes and expectations. After all, we already know that nanoparticles tend toadhere to the cells, and may deprive them of all the processes of life, so that they should die. However, this theory is still under development and research.

But science does not drop the hands, and the people do not lose hope!

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