System balloon dilatation
Application for Treatment
System balloon dilatation

System balloon dilatation of the stenosis of the respiratory tract

Airway stenosis is a congenital or acquired narrowing that prevents the passage of air to the lungs. Symptoms of the disease include, but are not limited to, wheezing, hoarseness , shortness of breath and respiratory distress syndrome . In severe stenosis of the patient's airway for normal breathing often perform a tracheotomy .
For the treatment of these patients exist two approaches:
1. Endoscopic intervention
2 . Open surgery
Open surgery aimed at increasing luminal narrowing in the field using a stent graft or narrowed segment or removal (resection ) .

Minimally invasive approach to restoring airway
Inspira AIR technology is designed to secure the airway stricture dilation combined with minimal trauma mucosa. Unlike traditional bougienage Inspira AIR technology provides for the filing of controlled radial pressure in the stricture by filling a special balloon with fluid. Small diameter design and soft tip mandrel provide noninvasive access the passage of stenotic areas.

General information about the use of technology Inspira Air
System Inspira AIR consists of the catheter with a high pressure cylinder and the mandrel , providing the introduction of the catheter into the lumen of the airway. Construction container thus conceived that in the range of up to a maximum nominal diameter of its pressure remains almost constant.

Application in routine practice
Balloon dilatation system Inspira AIR is designed for dilation of strictures portions of the upper respiratory tract , namely the trachea and main bronchi . It is an effective tool that can be used in conjunction with other endoscopic instruments or adjuvant therapies. Balloon dilatation catheters Inspira AIR should be used only by physicians who are qualified in the field of balloon dilation of strictures of the airway. For the use of this device requires the full knowledge of the technical principles and clinical application questions risks associated with balloon dilatation of strictures of the airways.

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