Application for Treatment

Synovectomy - view of a surgical operation on the joint at which the excision of the synovium of the affected joint.

Inflammation of the synovial membrane often leads to disruption of the joint and correspondingly pronounced painful symptoms. Due synovectomy is possible not only to prevent further destruction of joints, to restore lost function during inflammation, but also significantly reduce the pain symptoms.

Typically, this procedure is prescribed in the case of inflammatory synovitis when drug treatments were not effective for 6 months. Very often spend synovectomy patients with chronic forms of osteoarthritis. However, in stage III-IV rheumatoid arthritis, this procedure is not applicable in most cases prescribe or hip replacement arthroplasty.

Distinguish between open and arthroscopic synovectomy type. Open surgery is an option rather traumatic and often accompanied by the risk of complications during rehabilitation. In this case, it is possible occurrence of bruising, scarring, save pain and limited movement of the operated joint.

Arthroscopic option is more lenient, as surgical trauma of such an operation is much less. In this case, the same equipment is used as for arthroscopy.

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