Prosthetic heart valves in Germany
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Prosthetic heart valves in Germany

One of the important activities of the cardiac centers in Germany is to perform operations on the heart valves, which is carried out at the highest level. Depending on the clinical situation and the degree of preservation specialists produce heart valve or a plastic or carry prosthetics, involves replacing a diseased valve with a new one which can be either artificial, made ​​of synthetic materials, titanium, carbon, and biological ( tissue ).

Most often now German doctors implanted bioprosthesis frame fitted with a plastic or metal frame ( stent ), cloth-covered, located inside the structure. However, with prosthetic aortic valve is often used frameless valves, significantly reducing the risk of possible complications due to the fact that they do not contain synthetic materials.

In general, the clinics of Germany, before send the patient on a heart valve prosthesis to conduct a careful examination on ultra, high-precision equipment and only when objective evidence of the impossibility of rapid restoration of the patient's own valve due to severe degradation produce its replacement implant.

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