Percutaneous Endoscopic nucleotomy
Application for Treatment
Percutaneous Endoscopic nucleotomy

Percutaneous Endoscopic nucleotomy - the latest minimally invasive intervention that involves the removal of the intervertebral disc, which causes compression of nerve roots.

In German hospitals operation is performed under local anesthesia. To start being introduced very thin hollow needle or cannula. With an endoscope exactly defined damaged area and then removes herniation using a special rotating probe. Thereafter, the drug is introduced into the kernel -based enzymes that help to reduce its size and promotes rapid healing of the annulus fibrosus.

Immediately after the manipulation pain is greatly reduced, so often the patient can leave the hospital after a few hours after the conference. However, in some instances, especially if concerns elderly patient can bring to the hospital for 1-2 days.

The first two weeks the patient should wear a corset that does not hinder movements and even allows you to drive a car.

In addition, doctors in Germany are individual postoperative rehabilitation for each specific case. It should be noted that the effectiveness of this procedure is over 85 %. Most often this operation is prescribed to patients who have small herniation in the lumbar region or in the thoracic.

However, this method is applied for the treatment of other diseases of the spine in Germany, but it is held exclusively for individual medical supervision.

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