This method is to eliminate the deformation of the joint by forcing fracture or surgical incision, followed by fixation of bone in the desired position.

The main purpose during osteotomy - recovery efficiency is, slowing degeneration processes in joints, reducing the load on the surface thereof.This is particularly important when arthrosis disease.

Most often this operation is prescribed, if surgery is not possible to reduce the pain, and if contraindicated replacement arthroplasty (total arthroplasty ).

During the operation using bone grafts or plates.Thanks to this operation, you can distribute the load on the joint, to normalize the venous circulation, stagnation which often causes severe pain.

For a better fusion of bones and eliminate side effects often in the treatment of joints in Germany by osteotomy simultaneously medications or physiotherapy.

Osteotomy is actually the initial step in bone surgery, performed with curative intent for various diseases and injuries.With osteotomy also starts any operation joint replacements - arthroplasty.

Indications for osteotomy are diseases that do not respond to conservative treatment. This may be the effects of trauma , fractures incorrectly fused with shortening and contractures of limbs , as well as false pathological joints expressed Spondylarthrosis and osteoarthritis.

The surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia and lasts no more than 1 hour.

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